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Slumbering Grove

Slumbering Grove's adventure started in late 2022 when owner, Samantha, finally decided to pursue her goals of opening her own online store. Inspired by her love of fantasy and D&D, Samantha opened the Slumbering Grove with the hopes of offering more fantasy themed clothing for all types of folks, whether it's the gnarliest, hardcore dragon graphic or a cozy kitten snuggling atop a D20.  Slumbering Grove hopes to continue to offer a wide variety of fantasy/rpg items that will bring joy to their customers and help them share their passion for the fantasy genre. 

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Universal Trinkets

Universal Trinkets' adventure started in October 2021 when co-owners, Steven and Skyller decided to take their passion for TTRPGs and all things nerdy to the next level. Spending the next one and half years and several one shots/campaigns later to determine how to realize their passion. Thus in October of 2022 Universal Trinket's launched with the goal of brining awesome TTRPG and gaming trinkets to the world


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